"Tom's Manufactory" is Patrick Geoffray's workshop.
Patrick is the Y2K "Trophée Citroën" award winner for best fashion creator in Rhônes-Alpes.

This spot is a must, the place to go for all leather lover. The items can be simple or fancy, leather has no secrets for Patrick

Don't expect to find any standard piece of work in this incredible place. This master of creation, inspired by the comi strip world and attracted by science fiction, has his own way of working. His first task is to guess his costumers' personality. It is not just a business; the approach is based on a human relationship.

This creator has a true passion for this noble and lively material which does stimulate his imagination. The quality of his work comes from those magical encounters taking place in this workshop. "We can make anything with leather , mould it for example.
You can do anything with leather. You can mold and work this material to fell it warm up and take the body's shape. In the end you get the best result: the customer and his leather make one. For each lifestyle there is a specific leather type.

Fours years ago, Patrick's talent was aknowledged by his peers. He was given the noble title of "craftsman". Today, he would like ti spare some extra time creating stager clothes. In Poitiers, the "Futuroscope" owns some of his creations. We can also see Patrick's work in the musical "The Ten Commandments" for which he did create Moses' clothes with a little help from Costumessa.

lFurthermore, this craftsman does work on clothes for various artists such as this couple from Lyon on tour worldwide with shows inspired by cartoons and science fiction.
Contact : tom@tom.fr